Growth of the event, German delegation and content on bioeconomy consolidate Green Rio 2018

The seventh edition of Green Rio received a delegation from Germany, made up of 32 people, of which 20 were researchers, to discuss topics agreed between the governments of Brazil and Germany in the bioeconomy scenario.

Because these bilateral meetings were held during the Green River, this delegation had the opportunity to see, hear and become aware of how much Brazil already practices the bioeconomy, before being known as such, and of being promoted as the economy of the 21st century.

Recent Projects

Since its first edition in 2012, when it was recognized as a Rio + 20 side-event, Green Rio has established itself as the bioeconomics business platform.

On February, 2018, the Workshop was held in Nuremberg, organized by the Planeta Organico/2A2 with the support of GIZ, Itaipu Technological Park and the Secretariat of Family Agriculture and Agrarian Development.

The Amazon has been a source of inspiration for launches in the cosmetics market, due to the richness of its biodiversity, the exoticism of its products and the stimulating factor for sustainable development.